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The Resource Link of SEMO

Services and Locations

The Resource Link of SEMO provides housing stability services in rural communities in Southeast Missouri.  We recognize that small towns are often under-served in our region, and transportation to resources can be a barrier to accessing the services you need.  We partner with local libraries, city halls, and other community organizations to develop outreach locations throughout our region.  Visit one of our outreach offices to learn more about our services and when we will be in your community.

Please note: In our outreach locations in the Dunklin County Libraries, the library hours are 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.  We will only be available for appointments during these hours.  To schedule an appointment, click here.

Cardwell Office.png

Cardwell - South County Office

500 South Main Street

Cardwell, MO 63829

Phone: 573.500.0016

Senath City Hall.png

Senath Outreach Location

Senath City Hall

301 West Commercial

Senath, MO 63876

Phone: 573.500.0084

Malden Nutrition Center.png

Malden - North County Office

117 East Main Street

Malden, MO 63863

Phone: 573.500.0084


Campbell Outreach Location

Dunklin County Library - Campbell Branch

404 West Grand

Campbell, MO 63933

Phone: 573.500.0525

Venna Oldsen

Program Director


Breanca Jefferson

Housing Resource Coordinator


Doyletta Thrasher

Housing Resource Coordinator


Small House
Red Roof


Rental and Utility Application Assistance

Housing Stability Planning

Budgeting Assistance

Assistance with Locating Affordable Housing

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